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If you (for example) ask this QUESTION: “What is exGENT Linux” you will get this ANSWER:

exGENT Linux
is a Linux distribution based on Gentoo Linux, a powerful and flexible distribution known for its customizability and optimized performance. exGENT Linux is created by Arne Exton and is designed to provide a lightweight and easy-to-use desktop environment.

exGENT Linux uses the OpenRC init system instead of the more commonly used systemd, and it includes a minimal set of applications to keep the distribution lightweight. It also comes with a number of pre-installed tools for customization and optimization, including the Portage package manager and the Openbox window manager.

One notable feature of exGENT Linux is its ability to run in RAM, which means that the entire operating system can be loaded into RAM during boot and run without accessing the hard drive. This can result in faster performance and increased responsiveness.

exGENT Linux is intended for advanced Linux users who are comfortable with the command line and have experience with Gentoo or other source-based distributions. However, it can also be a good choice for users looking for a lightweight and customizable Linux distribution.

exGENT Linux is also known for its ease of customization. Users have the ability to install and configure their own desktop environment, applications, and system settings to suit their needs. The included Portage package manager also provides access to a large collection of software packages that can be installed from source, allowing for fine-grained control over the installation and optimization of software on the system.

exGENT Linux is released as a live CD/DVD ISO image, which allows users to test it out and use it as a live system before installing it on their computer. The live system is equipped with a number of useful tools for system maintenance, such as GParted for partitioning disks and Grub2 for boot management.

In addition to the standard version of exGENT Linux, there are also versions that include additional software and features. For example, there is a version that includes the KDE Plasma desktop environment, and another that includes the LXQt desktop environment.

exGENT Linux is a community-driven distribution, and users can participate in the development and improvement of the distribution by providing feedback, reporting bugs, and contributing code or documentation. The distribution has an active forum where users can ask for help, share tips and tricks, and discuss various aspects of the distribution.

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